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Cascade Airways Employee Picnic at Walla Walla, Washington - -1981
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The photos in the slide Presentation below were taken in 1981 at a Cascade Airways employee picnic and baseball game (Cascade Airways vs Mountain Air Flyers) in Walla Walla, Washington
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Walla Walla, Washington. 1981

Sal Liquori and Daughter Renee at the Cascade Picnic 1981

Dr. Renee Liquori Rogers DDS and Dad (Sal)
The same little girl !! Amazing...
Cascade Airways    
  Mountain Air Aviation

What We do in Life Echo's in Eternity
Cascade Airways Early Prototype Engine
Somehow I think we all knew this design would never work out.

Just could never pull enough torque

Scott (Crash) Miller - Mechanic

Photo Courtesy Jim Kastel                                            Posted August 26, 2008
Mechanic Rich Clapp & HS-748 N118CA on the ramp at ALW (Walla Walla, Washington) Circa 1980.

Rich was primarily based at SEA (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport), but at times was called to ALW to help fill in. He along with Howard Davidson (Above lower right) performed scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance at SEA . Many a time an aircraft would arrive at SEA with a problem and these two fellows made the difference whether the aircraft would continued on that day.

Photo Courtest Jim Kastel                 Posted August 26, 2008
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Troy Moore in the Cockpit of a Cascade Airways
HS 748 on the Ramp at Spokane, Washington - January 15, 1982
The Two Photos Above are from an Walla Walla Union Bulletin Newspaper Article. Click ON the box below to Read the Article