The Video Presenation(s) below are from an Interview with Mr. Mark Chestnutt, Cascade Airways Founder and President hosted by Robin Ball. The interview was conducted on September 19th 2008 at Spokane Washington.
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A History of Cascade Airways

The first year "The Beginnining 1969" Courtesy of Mark Nilson.

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The Cascade Airways History page is not only here to offer a History of Cascade Airways but to provide anyone that may have any interesting event, humorous story or special memories an opportunity to share them.

Everyone of us who worked for Cascade whether you were a Station Agent, In Reservations, or Maintenace, worked in the General Office in Accounting or Management or flew the line as a Pilot or Flight Attendent all have something we remember.

Type up your story, event or memories and email them to Even if they are only a paragraph or two they will be posted. If you wish to add a photo please do so.

The Beginning 1969

Comments, Thoughts and Memories
Mike Haynes
January 1, 2007

""I started at Cascade in 1978, coming from a Commuter flying Twin otters out of Anchorage Alaska and moved myself and Anita to Walla Walla to start work.  All after training in Spokane.  As most of us, I began on the B-99, and probably logged more hours in both seats of that than I would ever admit to anyone, and flew with some really great guys. From there, I went to the Metroliner II and III and flew that out of Walla Walla and Spokane.  Then to the EMB110 and HS748 and training, then to Pittsburgh, PA for training on the BAC1-11 at USAir. All in all,  I had a great time flying a variety of aircraft that would never repeat itself again in my career.  And after all these years, decided that the conditions under which we operated on a daily basis, taught me that I could fly just about anywhere, anytime, under any situation. Looking back, we were pioneers in commuter aviation, unlike anything I had known before.

As the days of Cascade were coming to a close, like so many of us, I was in shock and perhaps some denial that we would end that wild ride.  And with disappointment and sorrow, left in 1985 to take a position with Evergreen International, flying the Boeing 727.  As Skip Bjorn can tell you, it wasn't the best of times. Our time there was short, and we joined Fog at Wings West in San Luis Obispo, CA. (Thanks Russ).  I instructed others in the Metro II and III and Beech 99, and then was hired by America West Airlines, (now USAir), and flew the Dash-8 for two years, then to the Boeing 737, based in Phoenix and Las Vegas until I retired (officially) August 2007. In 1991, I took leave from the airline, and became an FAA Inspector until 1992.   Some of the old times did repeat themselves, as I moonlighted for Flightcraft at Boeing Field, and connected with Harry Koch, and of course flew with Ron Fullerton (Berry), Chuck Grady, Pete Hilmo and Skip Bjorn at America West.  Great folks, memorable times, and despite the down side of it all, would gladly do it all again.  My best to all that read this, perhaps it will jog your own personal memories of what we did and how we got there.""

Captain Mike Haynes (Retired)
Seniority number 46 Cascade Airways, 1982

Ron Basso
January 14, 2008

I worked at Cascade for barely two years, yet when I am reminded of that time the memories seem wonderfully generous.  I remember how nervous I was when interviewed by Troy Moore and Jim Gill, and how excited I was to receive the phone call from Sally Gundlach asking me if I would like to attend the next class of new hire First Officers.  Of sitting next to Skip Bjorn on a 99 between SEA and ALW on theway to Ground School and talking about how eager we were to learn all about thisairplane?  Of the night training flights with Tim and Troy.  Of my first landing that I bounced so many times I lost count, and of the courage and compassion Jim James exhibited when he gave me the next leg as well?  Of the professionalism and skill of every Captain I flew with and the examples they set for the rest of my flying career. Of 5:20 departures from LWS with the rolling hills gently brushed
with the first light of the summer morning?  Of the mountains - the Cascades, the
Blues, the Wallowas, the Wasatch - as few get to see them?  Of snow dancing sideways
across forming finger drifts at PUW.  Of seeing nothing but gray from, Gear Up, to
Decision Height, all day long.  Of summer days in RLD when the air vent felt like a
hair dryer.  Of burritos at the PDX employee?s cafeteria.  Of carrying more ice than
I thought was possible.  Of extending the evening's lively conversation and good
times by crossing the river to Clarkston?

So many more things will remain etched in my mind, but mostly when I think of my
time at Cascade, I am reminded that it was the most fun I have ever had in any
endeavor.  The people of Cascade made it fun and were as fine a bunch as any group
anywhere.  It is the memories of the people that I most treasure, and they are a
most generous treasure indeed.  Thank you for putting this site together.

Ron Basso
Cascade F/O LWS & PIH
April 1979 - April 1981

This is a Letter Written By Captain Lamar Sieg in February of  1983 to Dave Weinberger and Paul Davis.

A little over Two years after the Tragic Accident in Spokane, Washington which claimed their lives along with Five of the Seven Passengers onboard.

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You can also see the Letter in the presentation "Cascade Reflections" located on the "Cascade Airways Video page".

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Letter Courtesy of Bob Walters
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Cascade Airways Founder and President